All Golf Services specializes in golf course construction.

Our team of specialists has taken part in the construction or reconstruction of several dozen golf courses in Europe. We have worked on golf courses in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine among others.

In cooperation with golf course architects associated with EIGCA, we have also prepared many concepts and projects.

We pride ourselves on participating in the construction of 3 golf courses from the top 100 ranking of the best golf courses in Europe.

Continuous training and implementation of the latest developments in golf course construction technology place us among the leading companies of our type in Europe.


We will carry out a complete investment process from site analysis, through concept, cost estimation, detailed design, earthworks, landscaping, lakes, water intakes, irrigation and drainage systems, seeding and initial care during the grow-in period.

Many golf courses built several decades ago do not stand the test of time when confronted with the development of equipment technology (new clubs, balls, etc.).

We use the most modern solutions in golf course irrigation. We work directly with the leaders in the irrigation industry: Rain Bird and Toro.
Our installations are completed with PE Pipelife pipelines and Grundfoss pump stations.

We make retrofit easy using state of the art plowing equipment with almost no disturbance to the turf. We can replace system wires, decoders and rotors quickly and at a reasonable price. We provide GPS ‘as built’ plan of our installations.

Proper drainage of rainwater is an often neglected aspect of golf course construction.

Inadequate workmanship, "thrifty" drainage design or the use of inappropriate materials are the main causes of stagnant water and worsening grass growth conditions from year to year.

Internal roads for golf carts are not always created during the construction of a golf course. Very often investors leave the decision about their location and size for a period when the course is already mature and golfers have "worked out" routes from green to tee.

We supply and install driving range equipment. We advise on the purchase of ball dispensing and collecting systems. We advise on the purchase of golf course maintenance equipment.

We sell lake and pond aeration systems and fountains.

All Golf Services offers home putting greens using various methods. We produce our own bent grass sod. We also offer artificial putting greens. 

We offer recruitment services for greenkeeping staff as well as seasonal greenkeepers from Poland. 

These very characteristic elements of the golf course require a lot of careful care in order to provide playable surface and not to spoil the architect's original vision. Often, after a dozen or so years, they hardly resemble their original form, size and shape.

The surfaces of greens and tees on a golf course are the most exposed to intensive use.

We are a distributor of POGO.

We are a distributor of Covergreen® plant mats.



From tee to green. Last tees and greens are being seeded at Black Water Links designed by Caspar Grauballe.

Great cooperation of all the parties involved ( Investor, Architect, Contractor ) will result in first Wielkopolska championship golf course.


Norwegian branch of All Golf Services has started this exciting project late September 2021. We need to be quick to reshape 9 green sites before the winter.

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