Bunker remodeling

These very characteristic elements of the golf course require a lot of careful care in order to provide playable surface and not to spoil the architect's original vision. Often, after a dozen or so years, they hardly resemble their original form, size and shape.

Usually they are much larger than intended by the constant trimming of the edges and attempts to camouflage the damage done by heavily traveled path of mechanical rakes. Very often the sand is also heavily contaminated, and attempts to add new sand without removing the old one give a poor result.

To remedy this we offer our clients a rubber bunker lining and an aesthetic and durable protection of its edges - the ProBunker Solutions system. The lining prevents mixing with the ground and therefore contaminating the sand, and the durable edging prevents accidental destruction of the original bunker shapes. The lining is water permeable and flexible. It does not crack in the winter, it does not cause damage to the golf club head when accidentally hit.

The application of the lining helps to maintain an even thickness of the sand layer increasing the comfort of the game.

We offer installation of liner and edging or complete reconstruction of the bunker including shaping and drainage if it does not meet the expectations of golfers.


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