Green turfing, tee renovation

The surfaces of greens and tees on a golf course are the most exposed to intensive use. Deteriorating drainage, thatch formation and heavy use of the golf course in the autumn months are often accompanied by significant deterioration in quality of the turf. In the case of bentgrass greens, the invasion of Poa annua adds to the problems.

Many golf courses in recent years have solved several of these problems at once by replacing part or all of the root zone mix and turfing with modern varieties of bentgrass. Very often it is done together with fixing drainage and reshaping according to modern standards where necessary.

Our turf farm is equipped to produce such top quality turf. We produce it at the client’s request in varieties and mixes dedicated to a specific golf course.

Our specialists will remove the old turf, prepare the ground and lay new custom grown turf on the greens.