Construction of new 9 holes at Karolinka Golf Park

In the winter of 2022/2023, All Golf Services started the construction of new 9 holes and the reconstruction of 1 hole at Karolinka Golf Park. Unlike the first nine, the new 9 holes were to have a more park-like atmosphere, starting a new era for Karolinka Golf Park.

The new 9 holes have been carefully shaped and built amidst a beautiful forest. But environmental and visual sensitivity is not the only thing we had in mind when creating the golf course. We wanted to provide it with state-of-the-art, site-specific solutions that would last for decades and simplify management and maintenance of the golf course. The choices were meticulous. Rain Bird's IC system has been precisely integrated to ensure sustainable water use and precision irrigation. Fito seeds, adapted to the moderate climate of Poland, have been carefully selected for optimal growth and resistance.

One of the innovative decisions made as part of the project was to incorporate our technology - ProBunker liner - into the construction of green bunkers, currently in progress. Our ProBunker liner prevents sand from mixing with the ground, maintains a constant thickness of the sand layer and eliminates the effect of water ponding.

Another aspect of this project was the partial use of turf from our turf farm, providing a uniform playing surface almost immediately. The playing experience was further enhanced with the installation of the Kasco fountain in the existing lake located on the reconstructed hole. After seeding in July and August, we are now close to completing this fascinating project, leaving players with a new adventure to discover.